Britney Spears Deactivated Her Instagram 2 Days After Announcing Her Engagement There

We all need a reset every once in a while, and according to an E! News source, that’s exactly what the “Gimme More” singer is doing. “It was her decision to deactivate her Instagram account,” they explained. “She is just taking a break from it because she’s in a great place legally and personally and is focusing on other things for the time being, which is a great thing.” And that means that “nothing should be read into” her decision to take a breather — there are no conspiracies behind this move.

If you’re looking for Britney Spears’ Instagram account, you won’t see anything but a profile picture and a “User not found, no posts yet” message. But don’t panic, this has nothing to do with the conservatorship taking control over her social media — this is the pop star’s way of taking a much-needed step back from her account.

— Courtney Howard (@Lulamaybelle) September 14, 2021

But of course, there still is concern because the deactivation came rather abruptly and dramatically, according to Variety. She posted, “I’ve waited 13 years and I’m counting for my freedom,” and then the account went dark. Fans took to Twitter to voice their concerns and get the hashtag #WhereIsBritney trending, but the E! News source promises this is all her choice.

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So we have to wait for her return, but this time it will be on her terms without anyone else dictating how she should be living her life. It’s refreshing to see Britney prioritizing her mental health and relishing in the joy that seems to finally be surrounding her after 13 years of darkness —  and that’s something everyone can get behind.

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