Princess Diana’s Iconic Quote About Having a ‘Man’ Is Empowering

Princess Diana said having a man isn’t the only answer

Princess Diana wearing a tiara
Diana, Princess Of Wales, talks to Prince Charles at the British Embassy in 1985. | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

Princess Diana died in 1997, but her words continue to be relevant. In a highly publicized 1995 BBC Panorama Interview with Martin Bashir, the princess, then separated from Prince Charles, stated that she found her work more fulfilling than romantic relationships. Bashir asked her if she were independent following the breakup of her marriage. “You do live very much on your own, don’t you?” he asked. Diana’s response was surprising. 

Princess Diana was a royal family member both ageless and ahead of her time. Among the late princess’s many memorable quotes is one about the importance and fulfillment of self-reliance. The quote was revolutionary at the time and still relevant today. 

Diana was famously outspoken 

Diana’s quote was empowering, not just because it addressed the restrictions inherent in traditional roles; but also because it was yet another instance of Diana speaking out. In Andrew Morton’s legendary biography of Diana, he wrote that her opinion was that the male-dominated approach should be balanced out with a ‘woman’s touch.’