Doubling Down: Kiely Williams Speaks On Her Naturi Naughton KFC Chicken Chucking, Accuses Actress Of Calling Her Mom A ‘B***’

Kiely Williams has no regrets when it comes to that infamous KFC chicken chucking beef with Naturi Naughton.

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As previously reported after years of denial, Kiely confirmed that a crispy chicken dustup occurred during an argument about Naturi allegedly disbanding from 3LW.

Kiely Williams And Naturi Naughton

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Now on the latest episode of Carlos King’s “BET Presents The Encore”, Kiely explained what led up to the moment.

“Omfg. Somebody bring me a two piece. She talking crazy again,” Kiely posted and deleted on social media referencing Naturi’s recent public support of Phylicia Rashad.

“I didn’t throw chicken at anybody,” Kiely said on the show. “The chicken was in my hand but if you call my mother a b***, I’m throwing whatever.”

According to Kiely she technically didn’t “throw the chicken” but it was indeed in her hand. Kiely said that Naturi called her mother out of her name and she retaliated with the poultry AND her limbs.

“Throwing hands, and whatever is in them over my mother. She is a saint,” the singer wrote. “If my phone was in my hand and not my dinner she would’ve gotten that. And none of you would’ve done any different. #betpresentstheencore.”

She added on Twitter;

“I saw a clip of an interview a while ago with an ex-group member talking about “profanities were exchanged” and I think the question is: what profanities were “exchanged” before I popped off? Was it “b***” and my mother in the same sentence?”

She also added that someone has yet to come clean about exactly what was said and only mentioned that “profanities were exchanged.”

So far Naturi has yet to respond to Kiely; do YOU think she will?

WELP! Would you two-piece someone with a two-piece for disrespecting your mother?

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