Deion Sanders Leaves SWAC Media Day After Being Called By Only His First Name; Claims Media Doesn’t Treat Nick Saban That Way

Deion Sanders abruptly leaves SWAC media day in Birmingham, Alabama after a reporter refers to him as “Deion” instead of his full name, which he claims they would never do to Nick Saban.

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Deion Sanders is as much a legend as anyone could ever be. The style and swagger he brought while playing two sports will never be replicated again. At this point in his life, Deion doesn’t have to work, but chooses to coach to give back to the youth coming up behind him.


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The Pro Football Hall of Fame cornerback and second-year coach demanded that reporters shouldn’t call him by his first name before walking out of a SWAC Media Day event at the Sheraton-Birmingham on Tuesday.

He is now the head coach at Jackson State University, a move that surprised many, but opened doors for HBCU sports programs the second it was announced. Deion is embarking on his second year as head coach and to get the year started, yesterday was SWAC media day. The Clarion Ledger is reporting the day was going smoothly until a reporter referred to him as “Deion,” which he did not appreciate.

“If you call Nick (Saban), Nick, you’ll get cussed out on the spot, so don’t do that to me,” Sanders later added. “Treat me like Nick.”

“You don’t call Nick Saban, ‘Nick.’ Don’t call me Deion,” Sanders told Nick Suss from the Clarion Ledger.

Now, we all love Deion Sanders and Nick Saban, BUT even here at Bossip, we’ve called him “Nick” and thought nothing of it. We believe Deion walked out because after he voiced his displeasure with being called Deion, the reporter then again called him Deion–which is disrespect, if you’ve already been corrected.

Sanders, who went 4-3 in his first year as college coach, walked out after being referred to by his first name a second time.

You can watch the clip below and decide for yourself why he walked out.
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