Valerie Bertinelli Reflects on Her Diet Spokesperson Days: ‘I Was Part of the Problem’

While she opened up recently in an Instagram post that addressed a fan’s unkind remark about her physical appearance, this week the television personality considered her own role in contributing to the negative diet mentality cycle.

Actor and television personality Valerie Bertinelli has been anything but coy of late regarding her feelings about body image and self-acceptance.

“Aren’t we tired of body shaming women yet?! smh,” she wrote in the post accompanying the video. “I was going to delete my stories because it’s a little embarrassing and scary to be so vulnerable. But then I realized it was hitting a ‘good’ nerve with so many of you who were so sweet to dm and share your same vulnerability and struggles.”

Despite the overwhelming support Bertinelli received from her friends and fans following her transparent video post, not everyone has been sympathetic to her feelings. And the actor has not shied from engaging with commenters, whether of her recipes or those remarking on her social media comments.

The actor was called out for her role in the diet industry