‘Ozark’ Star Talks Final Season: ‘It’s Nerve-Wracking’

Actor Charlie Tahan, who plays Wyatt Langmore, offered up some insight into Ozark Season 4 in a new interview. Speaking to NME, he discussed the status of the show, what he knows about the plot, and more.

Ozark Season 4 probably would have been here by now if it weren’t for you-know-what. But rest assured, it’s still on the way. After a pandemic-related holdup, Ozark entered production a few months back, with a rumored release date of late 2021.

Usually, Ozark releases a new season every year, with the exception of season 3, which came out almost two years after its predecessor, and now season 4. But the show has seemingly consistently filmed since November 2020. Offering an update on its status, Tahan said things for the Ozark cast and team are “moving along pretty well” at this point.