How Old Is Bill Hader and Has He Ever Been Married?

Bill Hader became famous with ‘SNL’

Though he’s been in many major projects since, actor Bill Hader remains best known to some for his time on Saturday Night Live. His career has brought him several prominent awards, but what about his personal life? Learn how old Hader is and if he’s even walked down the aisle.

After eight seasons, Hader left SNL in 2013. He began doing more movie work, such as his foray into drama with The Skeleton Twins and his first romantic-comedy lead role in Trainwreck. Hader also delved into horror when he portrayed adult Richie in It: Chapter Two.

Hader actually began working behind the scene in Hollywood before he entered comedy. He scored an audition for Saturday Night Live, joining the cast as a featured player in 2005 before being promoted to repertory player the following season. Hader became known for his impressions, most notably Stefon.

Hader, who celebrated his 43rd birthday on June 7, 2021, hasn’t strayed from TV since leaving SNL. He’s done a lot of voice work with shows like Bob’s Burgers and The Awesomes, and appeared in sitcoms such as The Mindy ProjectThe Office, and 30 Rock.