Matthew Gray Gubler’s Haunted House Has an Active Ghost He’s Had to Run From

Matthew Gray Gubler smiling
Matthew Gray Gubler | Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Matthew Gray Gubler’s strange road to Hollywood

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You probably know him best as Dr. Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds. But Matthew Gray Gubler is more than just another actor. He started his career as a model and is also an author and a talented visual artist. That’s not all that’s interesting about Gubler. He owns a home that seems to have some secrets of its own. And one night, some strange things happened, giving him his own ghost story to tell. 

He thought that studying drama would help him become a better speaker, which would give him a boost in a future career as a lawyer or something similar. However, he found that he enjoyed acting more than he expected. After graduating, he ended up at New York’s Tisch School of the Arts, studying filmmaking.