‘Black Ink Crew: Compton Confessions’ Exclusive: KP & The Crew Deny Staging Scenes ‘Its All Real!’ [Video]

BOSSIP’s got a first look at tonight’s “Black Ink Crew: Compton Confessions” and it features your west coast faves spilling all.

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Tonight it’s the Compton Crew’s turn and KP, Lemeir, Vudu Dahl, Barbie, and Tim are discussing what really went down within their California neighborhood.

As previously reported, ink-splattered shade and secrets will take center stage during this VH1 special hosted by Marc Lamont Hill. Hill is bringing the New York, Chicago, and Compton casts face-to-face in a reunion-style setting over three separate specials, and the tattooing crews are updating fans on what’s happened since last filming their respective seasons.

“Nobody really came together and tried to do it, a lot of the streets was like ‘Nah! It wasn’t gonnna go down like that,’” said KP.

At one point during the special, Hill asks KP why the streets of Compton never had a tattoo shop before IAM Compton, and the owner explained that the streets weren’t exactly feeling the idea.

“It’s good days in the city, amazing days in the city,” said KP reflecting on the crew enjoying time together as a group. “And then it’s days where something just happens in broad daylight and you be like, ‘Damn today was a good day, it was bright and sunny and they just killed ol’ boy for no reason. Why?!’”

Later, he also broke down the highs and lows of Compton where he and his crew are still fighting to prove that the city is more than its reputation.

At one point during Compton Confessions, Tim also denied that the IAm Compton crew sometimes “stages scenes” like one where OGs showed up to the shop and another time when a fight broke out.

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Source: VH1 Black Ink Compton / Black Ink Crew Compton Confessions

Black Ink Crew: Compton Confessions airs TONIGHT Monday, April 5 at 9 PM ET/PT.

“I answered that question numerous of times,” said Tim. “It’s real, even the fight. Nobody knew that was happening, we was on some other s***. We was on positive, the fight broke out over a homie situation. Somebody showed up that wasn’t supposed to be there.”

Check out a sneak peek below.

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