Hell Of A Husband: Martell Holt Finally Fesses Up To His Friends About Whether His Sidepiece Is Expecting

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Boy we tell ya… The audacity of this man. WOW.

Watch the clip from Saturday night’s episode below:

If you tuned into “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” Saturday you already know it was a DOOZY. On a guy’s night with his friends, Martell discussed his impending divorce from Melody. While Martell’s friends seem hopeful that Melody might change her mind, he’s pretty resigned to the fact that things are too far gone. That’s when his friends start asking about those pesky pregnancy rumors that have been at the center of this season’s storyline. Martell reveals that the pregnancy rumors came from Melody herself and admits that he is the one who told her because truthfully the woman he stepped out on his wife with is with child. Shocking right?

Listen, at LEAST Kimmi has a good husband. Maurice knows good and damn well the difference between right and wrong even if Martell doesn’t. Speaking of which, can you believe this man is still using that sorry line about Melody not giving him what he needed at home?! They JUST had a baby. We’re disgusted. Clearly his wife was giving him some at some point for them to have four kids, including that little baby. Gaslighting ain’t even the word, Martell really has some — as Stephen A. Smith would say — unmitigated gall! One thing is definitely for sure — Melody can’t help but be blessed to walk away from this confidently WRONG man.

“Love & Marriage: Huntsville” airs Saturday nights at 9PM EST.
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