Yes, Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party was just as steamy as you saw on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and LaToya Ali says there’s clearly, even MORE, we didn’t see behind the scenes.

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Bravo aired footage clearly showing “Trini Gyal” LaToya Ali “kissing and grinding” on top of “Peach Juice” Porsha Williams. The ladies had clearly been drinking and enjoying the party. Prior to their makeout sesh, an admittedly Hennessy drunk Porsha told LaToya to “come on down and f***” and made comments about oral sex. The girl-on-girl action was also apparently seen by Cynthia Bailey who admitted to watching the “Bolo After Dark” party going down from the staircase.

As previously reported after all the dungeon debauchery courtesy of “Mistress Angel” Kandi who brought super-sized schlong slinger Bolo to dance for the ladies, two members of the cast apparently kissed on the couch.

“Wait Drew you left out the part where you kissed me,” wrote LaToya. “I wonder if Drew watched this episode with Ralph. Awkkkkwarddd.”

According to LaToya however, Porsha wasn’t the only one she locked lips with that night. While Watch What Happens Live was airing featuring Drew Sidora and #RHOSLC’s Lisa Barlow, LaToya live-tweeted and claimed that (surprisingly) she and Drew shared a kiss as well.

Drew Sidora & Latoya Ali

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“I wasn’t letting her tongue near me,” said Drew.

Mind you, Drew said flat out on Watch What Happens Live that she just watched a “very thirsty fan [clearly LaToya] try to lick a lot of things” but didn’t participate in the girl-on-girl action at all.

Also, YES LaToya, Drew did watch the episode with her Tampa trip taking husband Ralph.

The two also confirmed that in another unseen moment, Drew helped a super drunk LaToya after she threw up in her toilet.

She also reiterated that she was NOT here for Kenya’s snitching detective work.

“By the way, I was watching with hubby Ralph,” said Drew. “At first he felt some type of way and once we talked through it and I had to remind him that I didn’t know what he did in Tampa that’s when it got real. Sitting there watching with him, I was definitely nervous because he was looking, he was waiting for me to show my a**!”

What do YOU think about LaToya’s alleged lip-locking with Drew??? Do YOU believe her???
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