BOSSIP Exclusive: Georgia Senate Candidate Jon Ossoff Talks Cannabis Legalization, Gun Control, “Crook” David Perdue, & More [Video]

Candidates Warnock & Ossoff "Vote GA Blue" Concert

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty

Georgia, it’s that time again. Do your thing!

All eyes in the political arena are on the Peach State and the race to win the two Senate seats is hotly contested. One of those candidates, Jon Ossoff, took some time to talk with BOSSIP editor Jason “Jah” Lee about some of the biggest issues of the day. Ossoff made clear his thoughts on cannabis legalization, gun control, and why his opponent David Perdue is absolutely the wrong man to lead a newly blue Georgia into the next decade.

Right now, this very minute, if you live in Georgia, you can vote. Although the official voting day isn’t until Monday, January 5, you should absolutely take the opportunity to vote right now if you can.

Press play below and get into the interview then hit the polls and make your voice heard if you haven’t already!

In addition to hitting the issues, Ossoff, 33, also played a fun game of “Are You A Good Person?” that reveals whether or not he is a person that you can trust with your vote, your family, your cookout, and ultimately your future. Based on the answers to our questions, we think you can make a pretty good judgment about the type of person that Jon Ossoff is.

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