Jeezy Explains Why He Didn’t React to Gucci Mane’s Disrespect During Historic ‘Verzuz’ Battle — ‘I Have Self-Control, and I’m Very Self-Aware’

However, they recently decided to bury the hatchet and come together for a historic Verzuz battle on Instagram Live. Throughout the battle, Gucci Mane played numerous records that directly disrespected Jeezy, but Jeezy never responded emotionally. Jeezy recently clarified why he didn’t react to Gucci Mane’s insults during a conversation with The Breakfast Club.

Jeezy and Gucci Mane have a long, storied history of hate for each other. After a dispute over Gucci Mane’s breakout single, “Icy” caused a rift between them in 2005, the two hadn’t been on good terms ever since. 

At several points during Jeezy and Gucci Mane’s historic Verzuz battle on Nov. 19, things got contentious. Gucci Mane played several records that blatantly referenced Jeezy and their long-standing feud, which made things tense. Gucci Mane even referenced Pookie Loc, a deceased Jeezy associate who was killed during a Jeezy-ordered attempt on Gucci Mane’s life in 2005.

Jeezy didn’t allow Gucci Mane to get in his head during their ‘Verzuz’ battle

Jeezy Jeezy
Rapper Young Jeezy attends the Official Verzuz after party at Compound | Prince Williams/Wireimage

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“Well, I looked it at it like, we ain’t sixth-graders,” Jeezy said. “ … [You] can’t antagonize me with something that we both understand because I’m not in the same mental space as I was 20 years ago, nor can you take me there. … That would have been the biggest upset in my life because I have self-control, and I’m very self-aware. And it’s just like, ‘Hold up, man. If that was the case, then we might as well have not even came here.”

Many people were surprised to see Jeezy handle the situation so calmly, as he chose not to respond to any of the diss records or slights. During a recent conversation with The Breakfast Club, Jeezy explained why he chose to take the high road during the battle. 

“In my mind, I didn’t feel no way about it, because I’ve already heard the songs,” Jeezy added. “I already know what people may think of the situation and you know that as well. … I’m not that same person I was 20 years ago when things spiraled out of control anyway.”

Jeezy has accomplished too much to allow Gucci Mane to bother him 

Jeezy also explained that he wasn’t moved by the diss records because he’d already heard them. In his mind, everyone was already aware of their history. 

“I’m from the gutter,” Jeezy said. “Every day, I’ve fought, I’ve worked, I’ve grinded, I’ve did everything to get my people and myself out of that. And I can’t let my anger take me back there. So for me, it was more so—it was a moment of truth for me. … I’ma be the mature person in the situation and say, ‘Dog, I’m not finna go back and forth with you in front of the world about something we could’ve talked about in our personal space and worked out.”

Furthermore, Jeezy said he chose not to react to Gucci Mane because he’s worked too hard to better his life. In his opinion, he has too much to lose.

Even though Jeezy took the high road, he still admitted that it wasn’t easy for him.

Jeezy wanted to set a good example for younger artists from similar situations

Despite the tense moments, Jeezy and Gucci Mane called a truce and came together to perform their hit record, “Icy” at the conclusion of their Verzuz battle.

“It was a hard decision, I can’t front,” Jeezy said. “It was one of those things … and I don’t do disrespect easy, but it’s just like, for them kids that I’m seeing dying and for these mamas … for this s— to be happening … it’s like they don’t even care. … I care about them more than I care about how people look at me.”

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