Album SZN: Jazmine Sullivan Reveals SNATCHED R&Baaawdy On “Lost One” Video Set

Godly Soulstress Jazmine Sullivan has everyone buzzing over her SNATCHED R&Baaawdy that she revealed on set of her upcoming video for smoldering slow-burner “Lost One.”

Jazmine Sullivan "Lost One" asset

Source: Adedayo Kosoko

Her first single in two years, Sullivan repeatedly smashes our heart with a baseball bat on “Lost One” that, once again, solidifies her status as the most gifted vocalist of her era (not named Fantasia, Ledisi or Keke Wyatt).

For many, the pandemic has provided endless time and opportunity to elevate themselves in every way imaginable which appears to be the case for the 33-year-old songbird who clearly put in the work ahead of her highly anticipated album release.

“So, I’ve been quiet for a min. And by a minute I mean 5 years. But I just recently experienced something that has rocked my world and turned it upside down. Life is funny like that,” she wrote on Instagram.

She took five years off between sophomore album (2010’s “Love Me Back”) and follow-up (2015’s “Reality Show”) before taking another five year break that ended with the release of “Lost One” off her upcoming EP.

In the years since dropping her third album (that still goes, btw), Sullivan opened up about battling depression and escaping an abusive relationship.

“I’m almost sure it’s leading me on a path that will inspire an album. But for now an EP is on the way. Probably spring release. Love you all,” she added.

The abuse was so bad that she briefly lost hearing in one ear.

“I left music because I was in a really bad relationship. It had gotten abusive. Just having to deal with the industry and that my personal life was so bad, I had to go,” she revealed in an interview with The Breakfast Club.

Thankfully, she left the situation and appears to be in a much better space with new music on the way.

“I was like, ‘I might not be able to sing.’ And that kinda woke me up.”

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“It makes the quality of living so much better, when you just appreciate where you are,” said Sullivan in an interview with XO Necole. “Even if it’s not the best, even if you’re having hard times, just appreciate the fact that you’re here.”

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