‘The Bachelorette’: Tyler Cameron Got Defensive After a Fan Said He Was Not the ‘Perfect Guy’ for Hannah Brown

Hannah Brown Tyler CameronHannah Brown Tyler Cameron
Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron | John Fleenor via Getty Images

Tyler Cameron said Hannah Brown was a ‘good friend’

To recap, Cameron recently crashed a Zoom call and gave details about his relationship status with Brown. A fan on the call recorded the conversation and posted it on TikTok. When those on the Zoom call asked about the nature of Cameron’s relationship with Brown, he said they were friends.

Tyler Cameron recently told fans of The Bachelorette that he is not dating Hannah Brown. However, after telling fans this, Cameron got defensive when a fan on Instagram said he was not the “perfect guy” for Brown. This has led some fans to speculate the two might be dating after all.

Tyler Cameron got defensive over an Instagram comment about Hannah Brown

On Instagram, a fan page for Brown and Cameron posted clips of Cameron on the Zoom call. Multiple fans commented on the posts, voicing their opinions about the situation.

“The tea is we are friends. She’s a good friend,” Cameron said on the call.

“I don’t think Tyler would tell them on a zoom call about his and Hannah relationship. Why would he? I think they want there relationship private for now,” another Instagram user wrote in the comments of a post.

“He said the same thing about Gigi when he was dating her. He kept saying they were just friends,” an Instagram user commented.

The Instagram user wrote, “Move on people .. Hannah will choose the perfect guy for her one day it’s not Tyler .. and the crew is boring without her , her and Ryan and Matt were the best.”

One fan commented on a post and said Brown would eventually find the “perfect guy” who was not Cameron.

Why he got defensive about the Instagram comment

There’s no clear explanation as to why Cameron felt the need to reply to a fan’s comment on the Instagram post. Perhaps he felt defensive about the fact the Instagram user insulted the “Quarantine Crew,” as the fan did write that the friend group was boring once Brown left.

Cameron then replied to the comment, “How many cats do you have?”

Are Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown dating?

Cameron’s recent defensive comment on Instagram could be added to the list of reasons why Brown and Cameron might be secretly dating. The two hinted at their past relationship on The Bachelorette in TikToks while quarantining together, and some fans even speculate the two slept in the same bed while Brown stayed with the “Quarantine Crew.”

Another explanation would be that Cameron was defensive over his relationship with Brown. Whether the two exes are truly just friends or are back together, Cameron might not have liked someone who does not know him assuming he is not a good match for Brown.

While Cameron and Brown are just friends, fans of The Bachelorette are rooting for the two to get together. Harrison and Lauren Zima are also lowkey shipping Cameron and Brown.

However, Brown and Cameron have been adamant that they are just good friends. This is clearly what they want the public to believe. Brown’s father and Chris Harrison have also said the two are just friends.

“We both love Hannah and Tyler. We think they’re both great,” Zima told People in a joint interview with Harrison. “If they can come together and support each other at a time when the whole world needs to come together and support each other, we couldn’t stan and ship that any harder.”
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