Irresistible Satin Nightwear To Spice Up Your Valentine’s

As the season of all things joyous and merry recedes, and we can barely hear the resounding bells, Cupid makes an entry with his bow and quiver of arrows. If the lethal arrow shot you or barely grazed your skin, you certainly have plans this Valentine’s Day. And, if you roll your eyes when the […]

8 Things You Buy That Usually Ends Up Collecting Dust

Have you ever seen something on display that looked so appealing that you felt like saying, “shut up and take my money”? Well, we have all been there. And that is probably why we have infinite stationeries, trinkets, and gadgets that we think we will use but never do. But, of course, had you known […]

52 Best Hair Color Ideas For Women To Try In 2023

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How To Sport Pixie Hairstyle For Different Face Shapes?

The pixie cut is a short hairstyle with a twist to it. It is short on the back and sides and longer in the front. However, there are pixie hairstyles for different face shapes. Do you want to know which one suits your face shape? The pixie cut was first popularized in the 1950’s and […]

12 Stylish Short Hairstyles From The 60’s

From Twiggy’s stylish pixie cut to Marilyn Monroe’s blonde short fluffy hair, the 60s was the best decade for short hair! Keep reading to check out some audacious 60s short hairstyles that would still turn heads and hearts. Scroll down, read our top 12 retro hairstyles for short hair, and pick your favorite one! You […]

9 Things That Can Speak Volumes About Your Hairdresser

 A person usually chooses one hairdresser for a lifetime and tries their best to stick to them. This is because no one wants to go about scrutinizing every new hairdresser in town to make sure they know what they are doing. But now, say you are in a position where you change cities, or your […]

A Comprehensive Guide To Non-Invasive Skin Treatments

 Non-invasive laser treatments are a good alternative to plastic surgery and other time-consuming cosmetic routines. You may get the same long-term benefits for your skin without exposing yourself to the risks of more intrusive procedures. During the pandemic, non-invasive skin treatments rose in popularity because of their perceived safety, and they continue to enjoy a […]

Why You Should Use A Hair Serum Before Styling Your Hair

 Who would have guessed that hair serum is the magic product that helps your hair grow and shine. Hair serum not only adds luster and beauty to your locks but also has other advantages. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of using a hair serum that can improve your hair’s health, make it easy […]

Why Dandruff Gets Worse In The Winter And How To Treat It

 No one ever said they liked or wanted dandruff, but it almost feels like a compulsory packaged deal that comes with winter. An itchy, flaky scalp is the typical result of a dry scalp that causes dandruff. This is primarily due to the confluence of two factors: an overabundance of the Malassezia fungus and dry, […]

Skin Care Routines You Must Try At Night To Achieve Flawless Skin

 You may have read numerous articles by now that suggest indulging in a skin care routine just before going to bed. Of course, skin care is essential even during the day, but the night is when your cells and tissues repair themselves while you sleep, so you can understand why it is important to nourish […]